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139,80 EUR*
Details Global Literary Journalism: Exploring the Journalistic Imagination, Volume 2 (Mass Communication and Journalism)

Following on from the first volume published in 2012, this new volume significantly expands the scope of the study of literary journalism both geographically and thematically. Chapters explore literary journalism not only in the United Kingdom, the ...

31,08 EUR*
Details Sound Media: From Live Journalism to Music Recording: From Live Journalism to Musical Recording

Sound Media Considers how music recording, radio broadcasting and muzak influence people's daily lives and introduces the varied creative techniques that have developed in music and journalism throughout the 20th century. This book focuses on ...

80,49 EUR*
Details The Public Journalism Movement in America: Evangelists in the Newsroom

The Public Journalism Movement in America A devastating critique of public journalism. The author illustrates the failure of the movement's advocates to address the major problems and weaknesses of American journalism in general, and the probability ...

27,79 EUR*
Details Smothered Under Journalism: 1946 (Complete Orwell)

Smothered Under Journalism Despite the unremitting pressure of journalism during 1946, Orwell produced a major sequence of articles on "The Intellectual Revolt", two radio plays and continued work on "Nineteen Eighty-Four". Full description

21,90 EUR*
Details Citizen Witnessing: Revisioning Journalism in Times of Crisis (Key Concepts in Journalism)

Citizen Witnessing Drawing on a wide range of examples to illustrate his argument, Allan considers citizen witnessing as a public service, showing how it can help to reinvigorate journalism's responsibilities within democratic cultures. The resultant ...

38,07 EUR*
Details Sports Journalism: Context and Issues

'Boyle's study is essential reading for all students, teachers and researchers of sports journalism' - Journalism 'A very good, up-to-date and insightful book that addresses an increasingly popular, yet under-researched, area that will be of real ...

44,19 EUR*
Details Sports journalism: A Multimedia Primer

Sports Journalism is a comprehensive guide to the purpose, principles and practice of this unique profession and is designed to be enjoyed by students of both mainstream and sports specialist journalism. Providing a clear and structured approach to ...

28,58 EUR*
Details Journalism: 1908: Birth of a Profession

The year 1908 was not remarkable by most accounts, but it was an auspicious year for journalism. As newspapers sought to recover from big-city yellow journalism, circulation wars, and the extremes of Spanish American War coverage, press clubs began to ...

34,71 EUR*
Details Entrepreneurial Journalism: How to Build What's Next for News

[{ Entrepreneurial Journalism: How to Build What's Next for News (Revised) By Briggs, Mark ( Author ) Oct - 12- 2011 ( Paperback ) } ]

32,63 EUR*
Details Key Concepts in Journalism Studies (Sage Key Concepts series) (Key Concepts (Sage))

The five authors have drawn on their enormous range of experience in newspaper and broadcast journalism, at national and regional level, as well as their teaching expertise for this book, which will be essential reading for students in journalism, and ...